Thursday, April 18, 2013

Origin of writing

My earliest true exposure to writing was probably around the age of 27 when I became secretary of a small town Industrial Developmental Authority.  I wrote all the marketing information to attract potential businesses to our little city.  Success brought attention and the invitation to write magazine articles on our success.  That attention planted a seed in the back of my brain to write a mystery rather than read them.  That seed would germinate for the next 15 years as I rose in another career.  That career brought me to Indianapolis as a District Manager, and after I had been here a few years, I brought that seed out of the back of my brain and planted it.  I began my dream of writing.  I actually had burned  100 pages into the novel when the unexpected happened; I lost my job.  Emotionally, my life was devastated.   All my self-confidence was gone.  I was not worthy of another decent job.  I went out and drove a cab.  It would be just temporary.  Weeks turned to months.  Writing stopped.  As I adjusted, I looked around.  The people and the neighborhoods talked to me.  They gave me a different story.  They gave me an idea of a better novel.  They gave me the idea of The Zealot.


  1. Keith,

    I envy your cabbie job. The only job better for a writer might be barbering. Oh, yeah, I forgot, and bartending.


  2. I know! Bartending, driving a cab, maybe being a therapist--great jobs for writers.

  3. Agatha Christie got some of her ideas while working alongside her husband on his archeological digs.

    Ok...that one may be unique!

  4. Nothing funny to say here, my friend. We've both come a long way from those early days. I glad to have you there on the frontline with me. Mainly so you can take the flack, but still....:D

  5. keith, clear and consise. i liked it! annie