Monday, May 13, 2013

The Blog

           I’m supposed to use this space to tell you about my novel, The Zealot.  I’m not going to do that.  There is plenty of time to do that down the road.  I’d rather tell you what our intentions are with this blog.  As we scanned other blogs on writing and discussed our intentions, we observed that most seemed to talk about how good they were at writing.  Gee, how humble, how informative, and how helpful.  I don’t think what we have to offer is anything unique necessarily, but I do think we will deliver it in a very unique way.  If you have been reading the blog, you’ve seen all five of us now.  We have five distinct personalities, with five different writing styles, and all very good friends.  Heather and David have MFA’s in their writing quivers.  Not only are they incredible writers, but they have unbelievable knowledge and the ability to communicate it.  Mike and Randy possess the ability to produce smooth melodies from their fingers.  I, on the other hand, am more of a Rocky Balboa with a laptop.  What can I offer you?  Some days I’m not sure.  I can offer you a sense of humor, and a perspective for the potential writer or struggling writer with no experience like me, the one who is frustrated and wants to strangle someone.  Together, the five of us can help the complete spectrum of writers, from the very beginner, the person out there with just the idea in the back of your brain, wondering if you could get it out of there to a keyboard.  How do you do it?  How do you start?  What is the best way?  What is a writer’s group?  How do I find one?  I have been writing for years, do I need one?  This blog is for you, no matter your experience level.  Interact with us.  Learn from us.  Learn with us.  Abuse us.  Slap us around but be aware, we are part of an incredible writer’s group.  We are used to taking and giving abuse.  That means we will dish it out too.  Join us and let’s have some fun.  How can we help?

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  1. what a great invitation to join your blog. makes it feel very appealing to a writer-type person. i personally am a reader-type person! so i will continue to enjoy the read! annie