Thursday, December 26, 2013

A Card Catalog

One of the most thoughtful gifts I received this Christmas was a small box about the size of a recipes box labeled "Card Catalog." Inside are a few dozen copied card catalog entries for some favorite classics--most of which I have read.  The information is copied from the Library of Congress.  Some are typed and some are handwritten in different, upright, curving letters.

In the back are lots of blank, lined blue cards.

I was thumbing through the card entries, lingering over the entry for Frankenstein and marveling at the handwriting.  The librarian who had written it might have been self-controlled and extroverted--I have studied graphology in a very limited way, and the cards, although copied, are fascinating with the different handwriting.  I like to guess about what they might have been like.

My friend who gave me the gift probably thinks my fascination with handwriting is a little odd.  "What will you put on the cards in the back of the box?" he asked.

I didn't know.  I had thought about it briefly before turning my attention to the handwriting analysis of unknown librarians.  "Maybe recipes?  Addresses?"

"How about your books?"

I was speechless at this.  There are at least twenty cards in the back.  Probably more.

Maybe.  It's a new year.   

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  1. A worthy goal, Heather! Might want to hire that self-controlled extrovert... You'll keep him busy!