Monday, March 3, 2014

What to do AFTER you write it...

                You know, when we started this blog, which wasn’t that long ago, some of us had some different ideas as to how to publish our works when they were ready to go.  The publishing world was changing for sure, but still there was an air about a couple of us, a resistance still to try to remain in the traditional realm and go for the progression of acquiring an agent and then a large publishing house if that couldn’t be done, and then go for a small house if those couldn’t be done.

                I’m 58 now, but with my bald head and good teen looks and charming personality and such outward funny disposition, I’m sure I don’t look over 56.  That being said, I came into this blog thinking traditional when The Zealot would be ready to go.  As a matter of fact, a couple of years ago, like a moron, when I thought it was ready to go, I sent out some query letters to some agents.  Man, that was fun.  I will get into this and other topics in the next few blog posts.  I ‘m not saying don’t do it.  I think as writers we should pursue all options.  My purpose here is to let you know what I have experienced and learned over time.  I ‘m also going to be honest with you and let you know what this almost geezer is going to do and why.  It will based on brain damage.  No, not really.

                I will tell you I came into this blog thinking one thing and now I am thinking another because the industry has changed so rapidly.  It is very difficult for a first-time writer to even find an agent these days.  If you do, the amount of time involved to go from that point to book on shelf is around two years.  If you self-publish and do it the right way, you control everything yourself, can do it relatively inexpensively, and can have the book ready to go in three months or less.  You can also have the book printed in hard copy if you want as well as e-book formats.  What I am saying here is probably not earth shattering news to many of you “younger” folks.

                Our blog group of five have been researching this the past few months a lot, with me in particular as I get ready to go with The Zealot. I think something needs to be said here that isn’t always said and emphasized.  Too many times people are lead to believe or think that they are going to come out of the blocks with their book and sell thousands of copies right away.  It rarely happens that way.  What you have to have is a plan, a good marketing plan with multiple books ready to go.  You don’t have to have multiple books finished, but you have to have multiple books in your head and ready to write and produce like an assembly line.  I will write about this later as well.  This is a huge key to making your first book sell.  This system has proven itself time and time again.

                It can still happen with the traditional method and I encourage everyone to send out query letters and whatever that agent wants to see in the form of a synopsis or maybe a chapter or several.  Blitz the mail with your letters.  Give it a try.  Next time I will talk about the traditional method, and then we will get into what is going on in this ever changing world in the e-book industry.  Have fun and write. 

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