Thursday, May 29, 2014

Dangling Participles and Other Erotic Tales: Part Two

                As Mike said with his last post, Applebee’s was a little different at our last gathering.  We are supposed to use our genre and demonstrate getting outside our comfort zone.  I will use a scene using my main character from my novel completely outside where he would be.

                HG watched the drug dealer force the young woman against her will into the abandoned house.  Two streetlights bathed the boarded home in moderate light.  HG paused from the comfort of a nearby alley, watching, waiting.  He recognized the dealer from other nights, other tailings.  HG couldn’t let her be harmed.

                Minutes later, HG moved along the side of the building, looking for the door the dealer had used.  He pulled down the black balaclava and slipped through the unlocked door, the slightest of creaks giving him pause.  Light between boards on the windows filtered through and offered a faint path through the house.  Following the voices like a map, he moved through dust caked rooms, scattered with coats, condoms, mattresses, newspapers, and rotting food.

                As HG turned a corner, he caught sight of the couple in the next room.  The girl was standing, blindfolded.  Her top had been removed, a lacy violet bra still in place, her breasts mounded over the top of the bra.  Her arms were stretched out to either side and taped to pillars.  The long-haired brunette stood in jean shorts and tennis shoes.  She looked to be around five and a half feet tall and very good looking. 

                The dealer opposite her, Spider, was over six feet two inches, built rather thin with thick black hair.  He stood over the girl, shouting at her.  “I told you I wanted that delivered by two, bitch.”  He then slapped her across the face with his open hand.  The girl’s knees seemed to buckle.  “You’ll do what I say from now on, or I’ll do what I want with you.  You hear me bitch?  You wanted in this business.”

                HG saw Spider reach for his own pants.  That was all he needed to see.  He slowly stooped and removed the back pack, setting it on the floor.  He reached in to a side pocket, removing the white handled hunting knife.  Standing again, HG focused on his prey.  He checked out the floor between the two of them.  No more than ten feet.  Dealers were scum of the earth, the closest thing to Satan himself.  Now was the time to move.

                HG attacked from behind.  He grabbed Spider’s head, covering his mouth.  He pulled him back a couple feet away from the girl, catching Spider completely by surprise.  Once clear of the girl, HG drove the knife into Spider’s stomach and twisted.  The man convulsed in pain, screaming through HG’s hand.  “You should leave women alone, Spider.”

                “Wha…what’s going on?” The girl shouted, confused and scared.

                HG withdrew the knife and buried it again, higher this time, into the center of Spider’s chest.  He died in seconds, foamy blood pouring from his lips. 

                “Hello?  Spider?  Anybody?  Someone is there.  Please don’t hurt me.  He put a blindfold on my eyes.  I haven’t seen you.  I don’t know who you are.  Thanks for helping me, just don’t hurt me.”

                HG got up and walked over to her.  “I’m not going to hurt you.  Neither will he.”

                HG stood right in front of her, only inches from her face.  He peered down at her body, remembering a time when he had a girlfriend.  He thought back when he saw sights of lingerie.

                “Wait a minute,” she said, “are you that guy the reporter has named, HG, The Holy Ghost?”


                “You’re killing drug dealers.”

                HG paused and stepped back a little.  “You don’t have anything to worry about.  I haven’t seen you dealing.  Besides, I’m more worried about who is up the ladder.”

                “Spider there told me a lot of information about his organization he belongs to.  I could tell you about it.”

                “What do you want in return?”

                “I want you to take me here.”

                HG looked over her body again.  The temptation was growing.  The sin of lust might prove to be too much for the killer.  He walked slowly to her and ran a hand over her bra, causing a faint moan to escape from her lips. 

“Mmmmm, yes. Take it off and feel me.  Come on HG, take me now.  You want me, I know you do.  I want you too.”

He picked up the pace, opening her shorts and letting them fall to the floor.  She stepped out of them, leaving her in violet satin panties.  “Take off my blindfold and let’s do this.  Untie me and let’s do it now.”

“I can’t let you see me.  I do want you though.  I want you.  Now.”  He lifted her up and slid her panties to the side and entered her.  Minutes later, HG left her untied with instructions not to take off the blindfold for at least sixty seconds.  It wouldn’t be the last time the two would meet.

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