Thursday, August 21, 2014

A Magical Moment

            Man, time goes by fast!  Here I go again.  If you knew me, you’d know I’m not that much of a talker.  You guys are pretty lucky though or maybe unlucky, as the case may be, because put me if front of a laptop, and I can talk forever.

            Today, I want to talk about one main subject and cover a couple little ones.  First, I can’t seem to get this image out of my head of little red-headed kids with helmets on.  These helmets have horns coming out the sides, curving up and these kids are riding in a boat, going down the White River, shouting, “Row! Row!”  Thanks Mike.  That Olaf post won’t leave my head, even after two weeks.  Hey Lana, I want to grill some brats this weekend.

            Next is an update on The Zealot.  I found an artist who can do circles AND squares.  If this makes no sense to you, read my post entitled Artsy-Fartsy.  His name is Travis Molitor.  He gave me permission to release his name and email address and website if anyone is interested in using him.  I have been extremely pleased.  He has completed my front cover and we will be working on the back cover soon.  His email address is  and you can look at his work on his website at   

            I am currently in the process of formatting the manuscript for eBook and going through everything one last time for minor plot changes I have in my head.  Once that is all done, members of the blog and two others who have volunteered, will read it one last time, checking it for errors.  In the meantime, I have a few minor things to do, like an author picture, ISBN number, etc. and I will be ready.  I’m excited to be sure, but content not to press myself into a specific date.  Being sick for three months put me way behind, but the main thing is to get this done.  I’m nearly there.

            Now on to my main topic.  If I don’t submit something in two weeks, it will be because I’m in traction for writing this.  Just a couple Saturdays ago, I was writing away in my recliner.  Man, I was in a zone.  I was working on The Zealot.  We all know what it feels like to write like that.  To have the brain locked completely out of everything else, just to the fingers.  The story just flows.  And then…

            A voice.  Wait, I know that voice.  Yeah, give me a second.  Hmmmm.  Oh yeah, I’m married to that voice.  I looked up.  Her mouth was moving.  A lot.  I’m sure it was important.  The thing is, I never heard a word.  Not one.  There is something magical that happens with my fingers and my brain and laptop that I don’t even try to explain to her.  If I tell her when I start typing, my ears stop working, her eyes would glaze over and I would feel her hand on the back of my head.

            So I say the worst thing a husband can say.  I say, “What?”  Can you all guess what her response was?  Come on, you all know the words.  Say them together with me.  She said, “You never heard a single word I said, did you?”  For the response I was NOT going to give, see above.  Being trapped in a recliner and being married to her for 33 years, the best way out is to offer myself for sacrifice.  I looked her in the eyes and said, “Not one word.”

            She knows since I’ve been feeling better that I’ve been working on the book.  She walked closer and something happens that is very rare.  I’m talking rare like Obama letting me get my doctor back rare.  Yeah, that rare.  Lana says, “Oh, I’m sorry, you’re writing, aren’t you?”

            I know my eyes must have opened wide.  I swear two robins flew in, landed on my laptop, and looked right at me, chirping.  Four hummingbirds hovered outside our picture window and were soon joined by two squirrels.  Sun suddenly pierced the parting clouds.  I looked up at Lana and said, “Have a seat and talk.  Tell me what you said.”

            She did.  I listened.  She then went on to her thing and I went back to mine.  It was magical.  You should have been there.  Hey Olaf, get off that boat and come clean that bird crap off my laptop.


  1. You have me believing in magic, Keith! And Olaf!!

  2. I'm a believer, too. Thanks for the chin up moment. H