Thursday, May 14, 2015

What is Your Favorite Sound?

            My question of the week is simply, what is your favorite sound?  It might pop into your mind immediately, and it may take you a few minutes to come up with it.  Is it the sound of a baby?  Maybe it’s the sound of your pet.  It could be that you like the sound of isolation, like that of the outdoors, alone.  Maybe you’re a little different and you like the noise of downtown traffic.  Whatever it is, we all have our favorite sound.  Think about what it is and key in on it.

            For me, it is easy.  It has always been the laugh of my daughter Alison.  It is distinctive and she holds nothing back.  I love it.  I have made no secret of the fact I love to make people laugh and I especially love to make her laugh.  I always have.  I’ll go out of my way to tease her, pick on her, and do what I can to break her up.  If I sense she is down, she is that much more of an open target for me.  She is rarely down.

            For a few years, as she was growing up, I teased her by telling her the second she graduated from High School, she was out of the house.  She would laugh and roll her eyes at me and look at her mother for help.  The night of her graduation, we came home after the ceremony.  Alison and a couple friends were going to stop by before they went out.  I was ready for her.  We had the front porch light on for them.  I had placed her suitcase on the front porch.  I heard the car door shut.  A few seconds later I heard that laugh.  Oh, I love that sound.  It’s hard to believe that was over 20 years ago.

            She’s been married for almost 14 years and has two beautiful kids.  They live 10 minutes from us and we get to see them all the time.  That is a gift from God.  I’m having just as much fun as ever.  Usually when she calls, she will call my wife’s phone.  One day the phone rang and I was closest to it as my wife was down the hall.  Not good for Alison.


            “Well Hi.  Why are you answering my mother’s phone?”

            “Oh, is this her phone?”  There were giggles.

            “Yes, it is.  Does she know you’re on it?”

            “She’ll get over it.  Is there something you want?  We might be doing something.”

            “Wow, you’re rude.  Are you doing something?”

            “It’s my job to be rude.  I’m married to your mother.  And yes, I am doing something.  I’m talking to you.  What do you want?”  A slight laugh because she knows my sarcasm.

            “We were thinking about coming over.  I was calling to check to see if you guys were there.”

            “We’re here, but we’ve moved.”  Now she really cracks up.  I smile from her laugh.  I get what I want.

            “You’ve moved?  Where did you move to?”

            “Someplace else.”  She laughs some more.

            “Oh brother.  Where?  What address?”

            “Oh.  It must be the Topamax I’m on.  I forget.  Here’s your mother.  I’m sure she can tell you.  Come on over when you get the address.  See you soon.”  She was laughing when I handed over the phone to Lana.

            Even on her biggest day, her wedding day, as we walked down the aisle, she needed loosening up.  Alison is always a gorgeous woman, but on that day she was stunning.  As we began the long walk down the aisle, we were both nervous.  I looked over at her and she looked back to me, showing not her normal, carefree smile.  As we began our walk, I whispered a couple little one-liners to her, cracking her up.  She seemed to relax a little for the rest of our walk.  It didn’t help me much.

            Until I draw my last breath and I go before the Lord to try to crack Him up, I will make it my mission to hear Alison’s laugh as much as I can.  That sound just goes through me like no other.  I love my son Daryn very much and he knows it because I tell him so all the time, but he knows there is something special between a Dad and a daughter because he has two of them.  Daryn and I are about to leave together for a fishing trip to Canada in about three weeks.  I’m funnier than he is.  Not by much.  He’s a better fisherman and better father and better looking.  Not by much.  He knows of what I speak when it comes to Dad/daughter relationships.  I am proud of both our kids. 
            What is your favorite sound?  Think of it today and every day.  Try to put yourself in a position to hear it at least once a week.  Love it.  Feel it go through you.  I love you Alison more than you will ever know. 

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