Monday, July 27, 2015

Revisiting Cape May

It's been nearly a year since my e-book, Clary of Cape May, came out.

It has been a strangely disappointing year.

As every writer must discover, and rediscover, not everyone understands or supports our writing and vision.

This weekend, I took a whirlwind trip to Cape May and drove past or visited many of the sights from the book.  Nick bought me a T-shirt that reads "I party with Jay Gatsby" at the boardwalk.  I went to the beach, walked the overwhelming boardwalk in Wildwood, admired all the Victorian homes, and drove past the Peter Shield's Restaurant (it's much too expensive to go there).

The funny thing is, I found myself wanting to share my vision of Cape May with someone--wanting to point to the Bella Vida and say, "Remember this?" or say, "This is the Presbyterian Church with the red door, and I've only seen this online and in my imagination."

But either I have failed in my vision of Cape May or it has already been forgotten.

I'm not entirely discouraged.  I will just continue to strive for better.

I've not been writing much lately, but I am a little inspired to do more and create a world more magical and more amazing than I did justice to this world.

Moving on to settings (as if I am an expert)....

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