Thursday, August 13, 2015

Vacation! I Mean, Time to WRITE!

Vacation is just a few hours away. Florida, here I come!

No, no,no; release the sun and let it float away. I won't be seeing it too much. No time. Besides, I'll be in a comfortable, air-conditioned condo, with the blinds half-closed, and munching on Doritos and staining my keyboard orange. I'm going to write, Write, WRITE until I have...something finished! 

I have the best intentions. I've got a lot of novel writing ahead of me. As a matter of fact, I just recently picked up where I left off in my Wild West novel, and I'll be galloping through a couple of Virginia City, Nevada history books -- already dog-eared, too. Naw, go on guys; head on out without me. No beach and beach towels for me, because I need to concentrate on deserts and saddles. Yesiree!

I also have a ton of editing to do on my WWII novel. Recently, I submitted to the Writers Center workshop a chapter so layered in narration, that it nearly put Keith to bed.

Keith's teddy bear that he named "Keith's Teddy Bear"

So, now I have several reviewed pieces now in my fat, Windows 10-updated, digital purse.

Don't laugh. Even Mike Moir has a digital purse...and he has facial hair! Strangely, as noted before, so does his laptop.

Iced tea -- certainly. Maybe even some fresh shark kabobs at Grills Portside. But not much more than that, please Florida! I am begging you to just give me a few hours a day to add, say...three more chapters to my Western and then fix about twenty chapters in my WWII. Or maybe fifteen? Yes, I know that Villages of Seaport has three swimming pools, but it's awfully hard to type on a laptop without chlorinating my keys. Keys? Yeah, we might drive down there, too, but only for a three day stay. But that is IT. No MORE WASTING TIME enjoying a week away from work; time that could be ENTIRELY devoted to ROLLING OUT A HUNDRED PAGES.

Rolling. Sounds like rowing. That's what I'll be doing in the kayak at Bahai Honda. Man! You can see conch and blue and green fishies right through that liquid glass sea. Nothing - absolutely NOTHING beats a steaming cup of fresh conch soup! Well, the keylime pie comes pretty close. It doesn't steam. It just melts in your mouth.

I'll catch up with you all when I get back. Was this post about food or writing? Oh, yeah. Both. I was writing about food!

Well, now I just need to get through one more day of work, then head home and pack my swim shorts, my sandals, a pair of nice shorts and a few nice shirts to wear at the sunblock, my sunglasses, and of course, my toiletries. And...

I think I'm forgetting some stuff, but I'll remember before I head to the airport.

Seee ya!


  1. Sounds wonderful. Have a slice of key lime pie dusted with Dorito crumbs for me!

  2. And bring back two novels. I'm serious.