Tuesday, March 22, 2016

The Fun Stuff: More Plot Flaws

I shouldn't enjoy the flaws as much as I do.  Something wonderful come out of looking at the flaws.  

I find something even more amazing in finding "flaws" that work well.  Despite the rules, I love finding a broken rule that somehow defies logic.  And is beautiful.

Here's another one.

Retroactive Continuity.

This is a new term for me, but the concept is familiar.  Basically, the author--or perhaps team of writers--changes the history to coincide with new plots.

This happens in comic books, I imagine, but I bring up another movie (my, I haven't been reading much these days, have I?).  

I watched the latest installment in the Terminator franchise last weekend.  I love a good Terminator movie, and this one exercised some expansive retroactive continuity.  Kyle Reese travels back from the future to find a new Sarah Connor (not the buff and tough Linda Hamilton we all loved) who is witty but softer and knows about Reese and John and doesn't have the awesome muscles.

Oh, and then John travels back from the future and tries to kill both Reese and Sarah.  Yep, he's the bad guy.  Did I mention that this was going to be a spoiler alert?  Sorry.

Point is that this movie stretches the limits of retroactive continuity.  And yet we expect it.  We roll our eyes and wish Linda were the only Sarah Connor they could use in these movies, but somehow, we go with it.  

This leads me to the next installment, the willingful suspension of disbelief....  Coming soon.

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