Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Sketching My Book

I have many foibles ( I love that word ) and a great deal of them surface when I go to write. One of the biggest of these is the urge to draw. It's not something I do outside of the writer's bubble, as my sister got most of that talent. Yet, when I start contouring my world to translate it onto the computer screen, I sometime have to stop and sketch it out.

Now, I'm a visual person when it comes to storytelling. I have folders ( both digital and paper) full of pictures that relate to scenes or landscapes that I want to use. I pull out one of these pictures and describe it - more or less - as I see it. However, as I generally write fantasy, there isn't't always a picture appropriate to what I need. Yes, yes, I know the Internet  of things has everything. Well all I can say, dear reader, is that some rabbits are not worth chasing.

Thus, I draw.




Background Info:

So, not Rembrandt by any means, but it does help me visualize certain aspects that are beyond the abilities of a camera.


  1. You've got more talent than you give yourself credit for. Some of us are stuck on stick figures. As a fellow writer, I only wish I could draw like you!

    Well now you've made me sad. Thanks a lot! :)

  2. Agreed! I'm a stick figure kinda guy, too. I can just picture you drawing these, Mike. And your writing puts life into them!!!