Thursday, August 4, 2016


I come to you tonight, dear readers, bruised of body and weary of soul. The day job has me low and earlier today I fell in a hole. It wasn't a very deep hole, only about three feet or so. My left foot however plunged straight downward leaving my right firmly planted where it was. I wasn't seriously hurt, but rather just bruised and surprised. Yet, as I hobbled back to my truck, I rather thought this event emblematic of how these past few weeks have been for me.

Oh, quit your winging. Soldier up and get on with it.

This is the voice of my stubbornness. This is the little part of my addled mind that marshals me out of my indulgent self and onward.

 Damn straight, cupcake.

I suppose we all must have something like that in our heads or hearts. An inner voice that pushes one out of the folds of depression or the vice grip of anxiety. Of course, some are stronger than others and some demons can't be beaten.

Honor the fallen. Hold fast to the living.

This struggle is in all of us. And because of that, it should be in all of our characters. You, the writer, are as complex in personality as any other person. Thus, as you write, your characters should be imbued with at least some of your own foibles. Observe those around you. Better yet, talk to them. Take mental notes of the idiosyncrasies in the people you interact with and infuse them into your characters. But, in the same vane, note what makes them happy. How do your characters rally themselves? Can they?


Shush, you.

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