Saturday, October 22, 2016

An October Mise en abyme

One failed to desire.
Smothering Hallows' Eve.
One failed to feed fire.
Singed orange cast of leaves.

Sting of smoke on the bare white of the eyes,
thinned by a chill borne from darkening skies…

Exposed bones of hawthorn.
Ruptured clay releasing.
Quarried up the forlorn.
Beheld autumn’s fleecing.

                Upturned roots reach from its crib and embrace,
                                Swath my Ambrosia! Avow her grace…

Pausing the shovel’s turn.
Seething the fog from Hell.
Smothering the wood burn.
Stumbling the wide dell.

Twigs now hide the mound. Tears now wet the leaf.
One failed to share her love. One loved by me…

Squealed the lifeless grain stalk.
Crucified Harvest Moon.
Watching gaze of hallows.
Restoring the opened wound.

My Psyche, my splendor, my callous bliss,

                                My wedding of equals, Cupido’s wish.

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