Thursday, February 16, 2017

This One Really Gets Me!!!

   Television. TV. The Boob Tube. It pains me greatly to say this, but for you younger crowd, we used to watch that thing for free. That's right, for FREE!! Not a penny did we pay. Of course we sat an antennae on top of the thing that shot off at different angles to get a decent reception. As long as a person held on to the "rabbit ears," the reception was fine, but as soon as you walked away, the picture would turn to crap. Aw yes, the days of great free television. That is also the days, boys and girls, when we had three channels. Yep, three.
   Sit back and let me tell you about two and half years, from January of 69 till July of 71 when we had ONE channel. ONLY ONE. As I have mentioned on here before, my dad was a pilot in the Air Force and during that period of time we were on the island of Okinawa. For two and a half years we had one channel, the US Armed Services Channel. Now let me tell you, not a lot of channel surfing going on then. There were other channels, but they were Japanese. Sometimes we did watch them when there was a John Wayne movie on. It was fun to watch him and the other characters speaking Japanese.
   This brings me to the present day. I have a problem. Actually I have lots of problems, but lets just talk about this one problem today, the problem of modern television. Actually, the delivery of the television shows to we, the consumer. Over the years, Lana and I have had all the types of companies possible to bring us our programs, whether it be cable or the different satellite vendors. The bottom line is this, the bill rises and rises until you just can't stand it any longer and you switch and then the old company contacts you and says something profound like, "Well, we could have lowered the bill if we would have known you were upset." Morons! Every one of those companies offer new customers better deals than their existing customers who have been around for years. I for one am tired of this.
   If you know me well, you know I am far from tech savvy. We have a smart TV and it is far smarter than me. It has an instruction book thicker than the Bible. I don't like instruction books. Something called a smart TV should be able to install itself.
   If I can do it, this is what we are going to do. I am going to call my cable company and cancel the package. We spend, (are you ready?) $270 a month on TV and internet, which includes usually a couples movies a month which we buy on pay-per-view. That is outrageous. It is time for that to end. I m cancelling that and asking them to give us just the local channels and internet for a much lower fee, around $60 per month. Then we are going to get a monthly subscription to Netflix for $11. That's it. Done. $70 vs. $270. We will be able to watch anything we want, just on a two-day delay. Big deal! We can still have the local channels for news and weather so I can watch the human swiffer (the weather lady) and some of the main shows we like. These guys are way too high. Anybody else with me?
   The next thing on my list? The cell phone bill. These tech guys are going down.

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  1. "Something called a smart TV should be able to install itself." HA! Brilliant!!!