Thursday, May 25, 2017

Tootles...For Now

   If you have been reading these blog posts on different forms of social media such as Facebook or Google Plus, you may or may not know that these posts originate from a platform called The four of us have been writing here for four years. We have known each other for ten.
   The original intent  was to write about writing. I did pretty well with that for the first year until I just couldn't take it any longer. I am not Hemingway and to tell others how to write is like me telling others about how to put up anything that has to do with electronics. Forget it. Don't listen to me. People seemed to like my sarcastic sense of humor, so I switched over to humor and I started to tell stories of everyday life and what stupid things I had done in my past and the stupid things I observed. The nice thing about doing this for me is it was fun and I never tired of it and never ran out of material. I mean really, ask Lana, I am always doing stupid things.
   Unfortunately, after four years, I must say goodbye to this blog. This will be my last post. I love the three other people on this blog very much, but we have had some recent differences that can't be fixed. They are good people. I will soon create a personal web page and blog from it. I am sure they will list it on As for my normal followers on Facebook and  Google Plus, I will just simply start to re-appear again soon.
   Thanks so much for your support over these years and I hope you will follow my writings soon when I crank up again. May God bless you all.

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