Sunday, March 25, 2018

Writing Prompt: Defeat the Obstacles to Writing

Jack Heffron's book, The Writer's Idea Book: How to Develop Great Ideas for Fiction, Nonfiction, Poetry, & Screenplays gives some fantastic writing prompts.

As Randy, Mike, Nick, and I discuss writing, we often face obstacles in writing--life things that keep us from being the writers that we need to be.  Take a look at this prompt:
Reframe your view of the obstacles in your life that impede your writing.  Make a list of these obstacles.  Then, next to each one, write about how you can overcome the obstacle and how it might be used as a tool for creativity.
Obviously, the purpose of this prompt is to take the obstacles and turn them into something positive.  For example,

Obstacle: TIME
Overcoming this: wake up 30 minutes early for writing ONLY.  Shoot for two days a week, then three, then four.  I look forward to this time, so this should be easy.  Should.  Getting up early is not always easy, but perhaps I can start small.

Obstacle: SPACE
Overcoming this: Create a small space for writing that is comfortable, quiet, and inspirational.  This space should be a place where I can feel creative and alone to work on my work.  Currently, my space is on the kitchen table for the light and the space to spread out.  I hope to have a better space in the future, but for now, this space works well.  I can do this fine.

Jack Heffron reminds us that
You're not going to be a writer someday.  You're a writer today.  Discipline yourself to write and take time to enjoy writing.  Do it a lot.  Have fun with it.  Begin now.
That's the thing.  Just do it, Nike.  Forget the obstacles.  Do it now.


  1. That guy looks like me! With more hair...and less age. BTW, I just got done responding to my boss how having resource 'space' is valuable. Just as true in regards to writing space.

  2. Wake up early??? Good heavens, perish the thought!

  3. At my age, perishing thoughts are a fact of life!