Thursday, October 24, 2019

My Ode to Gold

We had to put our Lady Lucy to sleep late last night. We discovered she had cancer that metastasized to her lungs (probably osteosarcoma). She was a 12 year old Golden Retriever whom we boarded for many years and then had a golden opportunity to keep permanently when her first daddy had to uproot to Dallas.
Lucy was quite a lady. A brilliant lady. Classy. Upper-crust. Quite the intellectual, too. She hated the whistle and bangs of human activities such as the 4th of July because they made no sense. She was concerned and sought shelter whenever thunder shook the world, grabbing her favorite toy from her toy box because safety from the coming storm was due diligence. She appreciated us leaving the TV on when we left the house, because it was tolerable human background noise that confirmed to her our return. She warned us of visitors with a bark that could crack the ceiling, yet she always welcomed a generous belly rub and a warm kiss on her large, white snout...and her lovely, soft face...and on the very top of her truly genius head.
Yes, it’s true she never lacked a good appetite – often pretending to go potty outside just to get a treat (like we couldn’t see her run down the porch, turn on a dime, and run back up?). Also, it’s true she barked at rowdy puppies who got too close to her bed — but who could blame her? Puppies can't deduce!
Lucy loved her home on Ivy Hill, hanging out with us at the side yard while everyone else was taking in nature -- or getting out our cell phones to take pictures of her, rolling in the grass or hopping- yes, hopping -- like a giant, furry, golden rabbit. She was even hopping around yesterday outside, though we had noticed her breathing had become very labored and coupled with coughing spells. When Lucy became lethargic as the evening progressed, we decided to take her in.
Of course, many of us have been here at this transition, when a soul whom we have shared our lives and know so incredibly thoroughly is to be released from our hold, from our protection. No matter how often we have been at this juncture, each companion of ours was unique and special and full of personality. In those strange hours when time moves - differently, Lucy was uniquely 'Lucy'. She had her four daddies to keep her company with a lifetime of kisses and belly rubs and I love yous. She enjoyed her favorite treat that she kindly shared with her sister, Daisy. She had her latest favorite toy too, Purple Stegosaurus, to keep safe as our love on her blessed and peaceful journey to Heaven.

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  1. Why is it that these losses hurt so much more than we want them to?