Monday, July 28, 2014

What Comes Next, Part the Next

I left you all off with a list of the future steps for Clary of Cape May.  I joked with one of the guys in the lab about making lists.  I am one of those people who will make an outrageous list of expectations for myself to accomplish in a set time period (say today) and try to cross off as many as possible.  I will even add things to the list as I do tasks that are not on the list just for the satisfaction of crossing them off.

This list is not so satisfying.  Many of these tasks will take time, and I am just barely excited enough to try to make this e-publishing thing happen.  With too much time, I fear I may loose track of this list and loose some fire.  

So, onto the list.

1. Feedback.
Of the five people I have sent this manuscript to, three have finished.  I will meet with four of them within the week to discuss changes.

2. With feedback--make some changes. 
Comments are wonderfully varied.  Two of my blessed readers have sent comments, and I'm 61% through these revisions.  I have made a few tweeks of my own. 

3. Website.  I may link the website here in a couple of weeks to look for feedback.
It's a work in progress, and I'm no web designer.  Suggestions are welcome.  No, suggestions are demanded.

4. Pictures.  This is a tough one.  I need a cover photo from Cape May and some work for the website.  I would love to get a few pictures of the key businesses linked to the website with some pictures as well. 
I called my beloved friend Sue.  I have known her since I was two years old and she lives in Cape May.  Obviously, some of the holes in the website will have pictures.  She's on it.

5. Format.  Changing the format for e-publishing is a little annoying for me.  Word should be the fine.  Boo.
Keith and I have talked about this many times, and I have long doubted that all e-writers reformat their books by hand and redo the formatting based on the e-publisher.  As it so happens, some promising software that will do the formatting for us and provide the formatting based on the e-publisher.  
Very cool.

6. Complain.  Stupid publishing world has turned into the upside down mess where reserved, sensitive, insecure writers have to figure out a way to do advertising, marketing, and sales.  Stupid.
Done.  Check.

7.  E-publish.
Not yet.

8.  Freak out.
Done.  Check.

9.  Readings?  I may try to do a few readings here in Indy or maybe even do a weekend trip to Cape May to a few of the pivotal businesses.
Not yet.

10. Start the next process with the next one.  It's called Simon O'Shea.  More on that latter.
Done.  Check.  Reevaluating POV and have started toying with the first chapters of the second draft.

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  1. Wish I had a beloved friend Sue in Cape May. I only have a hateful May in Cape Sue!

    Hang in there, Lady McGrail! You are almost finished with your list!!! Will look at your website later today. YAY!