Tuesday, July 15, 2014

What Comes Next?

I'm at a strange place in my writing "career."  In the past, my insecurities have kept me from even admitting that I am a writer--I am not entirely certain why.

Now, I have a manuscript that five of my trusted friends are reading.  Two are finished and have provided mostly positive feedback.

Ten years ago, I would have wasted time and energy emailing hundreds of agents and publishers, knowing well that I cannot sell myself, my talents, or my work to anyone.  But that was the dream of any writer: to have an agent and a publisher do the marketing and selling for us, and we could do the writing.

That is probably the way it should be, but it's not.  So what comes next?  Really, I have no idea.

I am way too sensitive and insecure to put too much effort into marketing at this point.  When Keith and Randy start talking about marketing, my chest starts to hurt.  Perhaps I am being foolish or lazy about this, but I don't think I can do much at this stage.  

Maybe after I publish the second one, I'll take on more.

So here's the tentative plan.

1. Feedback.

2. With feedback--make some changes.  

3. Website.  I may link the website here in a couple of weeks to look for feedback.

4. Pictures.  This is a tough one.  I need a cover photo from Cape May and some work for the website.  I would love to get a few pictures of the key businesses linked to the website with some pictures as well. 

5. Format.  Changing the format for e-publishing is a little annoying for me.  Word should be the fine.  Boo.

6. Complain.  Stupid publishing world has turned into the upside down mess where reserved, sensitive, insecure writers have to figure out a way to do advertising, marketing, and sales.  Stupid.

7.  E-publish.

8.  Freak out.

9.  Readings?  I may try to do a few readings here in Indy or maybe even do a weekend trip to Cape May to a few of the pivotal businesses.

10. Start the next process with the next one.  It's called Simon O'Shea.  More on that latter.


  1. Number 8: Freak out. I hope that means you'll be buying us a round of beer or iced tea. And real iced tea, too. I know the difference, Lady McGrail!

  2. You're all just jealous of my jetpack. Proper literature....Phhhffttttt.

  3. I am so proud of you. This book is worthy of being published and a year ago you would not have done this. We will journey through the e-book looking glass together.

  4. Definitely a round on me. And yes, I'm jealous of the jet packs and dragons in other literature.