Tuesday, December 16, 2014

The Silly Season

I'm sitting at home right now.  My cat Gabby needs some attention because I haven't been home before ten in a week.  I took the morning off work to try to get some Christmas shopping done, to get some grading done, to send out a package, to write this blog, and to take a breath.

So far, I have a cup of coffee.

This season seems busier and more overwhelming than normal.  Instead of geeking out about point of view or plot or character development--like I certainly will do in the new year, I promise--I'm going to challenge you to write a letter.  A real live letter.  Write a letter or a card to someone you love.  Then send it in the post.  This sort of nostalgic goodness is priceless.

After you are done with that, then you can go back to shopping and baking and JANORIMO (I made that one up) and character shaping and burning cookies and caroling and all the other great stuff.

Yes, polysyndeton in the last sentence is intentional for effect.

Happy holidays.

My sisters and I in a previous era.

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