Monday, April 27, 2015

Negative Reviews

Last time on our program, our hero dared to brave the edge of the yawning abyss that was publishing. Little did he know that there were darker things lurking in the depths waiting to pounce! We return to our story as our hero discovers the darker side of the public domain.

As I mentioned in my last post, dear reader, I have decided to take one of my fledgling stories out into the world. I was broadsided immediately by the budgetary aspect to the whole endeavor. Now, don't get me wrong, I always s knew that it was a business venture. However, I was so wrapped up in my dewy-eyed dreams of what could be that the question of how much cash I was willing to devote to the project was like being chucked naked into the snow. And yet no sooner had I recovered from that bracing slush to the ego that I was beat about the head with another.

A negative review.

It came from one of the illustrators with which I was in negotiations. I was told that the story was boring at the beginning and that there were too many Bible references. I believe there are two, but apparently, that is too many for some.


And yet...I wasn't so terribly upset.


I realized that I had already been through this. It was at the founding of the No Name Fiction Group all these many years ago when I truly had my first experience with a negative review. I submitted chapter after chapter of what I thought then was my final draft for review.

Sigh, how naïve I was.

In my memory, it was a bloodbath. I know it wasn't really, but it felt like it at the time. When did this happen? How do you pronounce this? Where is this story going?

Me: Philistines! How can you not see it! How can you not see my genius!

David: Zip up your fly, Mr. Moir. Your genius is showing.

Me: What?! Why, I should flog you with a wet noodle yes, I see. Quite.

David: Why don't you get down from the table so we can continue?

Me: Ah. Yes. Quite right.

I fumed and fussed and then fumed some more. Yet, in the end (and after a few pints round the local pub), I realized that they were right. So, I set my resolve to "obstinate" and set about sorting all of that out. I'm still working on it of course, but this is the way of things. You must take criticism as well and as seriously as you do praise otherwise you'll end up sorely disappointed.

 So now, exit our hero stage left.

Will our hero ever make it to print? Great galumphing hoardes of rabid field mice! What evil shall befall him next?

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  1. Ah! Pink Snagglepuss... A hero of mine!

    Mike, I fear all reviews, balanced or outrageous, right or wrong. Is there a specific med that I could take for that? So, I tremble in the shadow of the critical giants, but I suddenly man up when I think a review is lazy. Curious to know if you received more specifics regarding the "boring" review. What made it a bore? That Moir rhymes with bore? Perhaps the illustrator gave better reasons? Hmm...
    Could he just be sore? Sore that your Lore came to life whilst his doodling is but a snore? Merely this and nothing more? Lenore?