Thursday, June 18, 2015

Um, "Writer"...Is a Career Choice?

Recently, I took one of those Facebook quizzy/surveys on what career I was truly meant to have in my life. Naw, I don't do these things unless I am pressed or under extreme guilt to respond to such a request. I rarely Facebook at all, as is evident by frequent "Hello? Can you see this message?? Where do I click next?" wall postings.

So, imagine my surprise when I actually took the Career survey with no one forcing my hand!

The ten questions were simple. Some were close to lovely. 'If you could change jobs, would you like to choose one where you were creative, or one where you could help others?' type of questions. Sweet. Non-judgmental. Lovely. Ten questions. I frolicked through them like I had ponytails.

Then my assessment generated "Writer". Writer? Writer.


I was surprised because, 1) Only one question pertained to writing; and that question dealt more with communication, and 2) Writing can be a career? Really? As in, a chosen career?

Were the questions somehow rigged? Were we led to choose 'Writer' by some subliminal, hypnotizing, psychological witchcraft? Yes! Maybe it knew I wanted to be a writer by a hidden Google search? Something's up! Rigged by Writers to make me choose 'Writer'!

The plot thickens. Last night, Keith confessed --and he was adorable in how he confessed!- that he also took that same Facebook quiz. First of all, Keith + Facebook = Bwahahahaha! Somebody get that on film, pleeze! Ahhh, but guess what his scientifically accurate, ten question survey concluded... Yep.


Now, wait just a doggone second. Keith writes... I write... Keith and I both have careers... BUT we don't write to pay for our bread and Ranch dressing (Keith likes Ranch dressing...with his salad while he's Facebooking).

To add more confusion, my friend Charity, a Lilly scientist, was elated that her result was "Scientist". Well, that's what I do! I guess the survey can be rigged for scientists, too. So that begs the question...why did I not get Scientist as my true career choice? Honestly, I don't know how I should feel about that. What does that mean? Seriously, any guess?

Of course, I wish I did have a career in writing. Yeah, I'd like to be a writer, and full-time and professional, and all. I ADMIT IT. Still, how could that be a choice in this day and age? The age of the Internets and those whizzing and blinking satellite machines and 4 billion texting bodies?

What I would do if Facebook's assessment concluded: You should be a professional Writer. Click here to learn how you do that and make enough Ranch dressing to live on: ***

Then again, why should I need Facebook to do that for me? I do write, if not for a living, then while I am living! Can I really write for a living?

Writer. Career. A choice?


  1. Hang on here a minute. Let me stop moisturizing and say something. Are you slamming me? Yeah, I use Facebook. Lana had to show how to use it, but I use it. And I eat salads too, with Ranch dressing. It's All-American, like apple pie and peanut butter, unless you're allergic to it. I took that test and I think somebody is off their rocker. I mean, really.

  2. Ha! So, you admit Facebooking and eating salads. Conservative my a--!