Thursday, March 3, 2016

Vote Them Bye Bye

            Hi once again. This week, I’m shifting to a serious topic, although when I speak of this topic, I can’t help but insert my tongue in places it shouldn’t be inserted, but mainly my cheek.  The topic this week? Hang on…politics. Yep, the third rail of all conversations, the place where I should not go. Give me a chance here, because I’m not going where you think I’m going. I’m not going to take a side, a stance on anything, and if I did, you might be surprised anyway.

            I like politics and I love a year like this. I follow the election year very closely. I find our system both frustrating and fascinating. I find the electorate, us, stupid. I am going to propose a solution to our problems. I have been studying the system and the problems for quite some time and, quite frankly, I don’t know why I haven’t heard the solution before.

            What I’m going to talk about has nothing to do with the presidential candidates. They are getting all the press right now, and I suppose, rightfully so. The fact is, it won’t matter who wins. Think about it. Did it really matter that much that Obama won? I mean he got SOME of the things he wanted through, but it was early, when he had momentum and Congress on his side, then the people changed attitudes and the Congress changed control very much to his opposition and he lost control of his agenda. The only power he ended up with was through Executive Action. The real power of the country is through Congress. Therefore, the real problems of the country are through Congress.

            We, the people keep, for the most part, putting in the same morons year after year. Oh, we complain about them alright, but we say, “Yeah, they are all bums, but I guess my guy is okay compared to the rest, so I will vote him or her back in.” Meanwhile, we have deadlock in Washington, yelling and screaming, a 19 trillion-dollar deficit, roads and bridges falling apart, and on and on.

            So what is the solution when our same people only care when they are running for re-election? I’ve thought about this for a long time. My solution is to use the system to the people’s advantage. The most important election is not in the fall. The most important election, in my opinion, are the primaries. Let me explain. In all 50 states and the District of Columbia, as well as our possessions, we hold primaries through the year. Unfortunately, turnout is usually low. This is where both parties throw up candidates for Congress to run against each other. Maybe there will be two candidates in the Republican party running in your district and two candidates running against each other in the Democrat party also running against each other. Now then, one of the people in the Democrat party might already be your sitting Congressional Representative from Washington, but has to run again for office every two years. Each Senator has to run every six years.

            So, my idea is get these people or as many as possible out of office and insert a fresh batch of new faces. The easiest way to do this? The primaries. You organize the people to vote out the incumbents at the primaries with a new person. I am not being biased toward one party or another here. My own district currently is held with a member of the other party and probably always will be the other party, but nothing is happening in Washington from EITHER side. We need change and major shakeup. We need to scare them severely. Remember, we vote for these clowns every two years. If they think we will vote them out again two years down the road, believe me, they will get their act together.

            If you are a Democrat and there is a Democrat in a seat in Congress, just vote him or her out in the primary and get a different one in. The plan is not for you to vote for a Republican. The same holds true for Republicans. I am not asking for people to turn against their beliefs and their parties. This is an idea to change the makeup of Washington, the status quo.

            If I had credibility in the political world, I would write a book about this plan and call it, “Vote Them Bye-Bye” or something. I love politics but these 535 clowns are destroying our country. I’m tired of hearing the guy in charge is destroying the country. I personally don’t like him either, but he doesn’t control the checkbook. If you know how the country works, how politics works, how the Constitution SUPPOSE to work, then you know, all the clowns need to go. Either get on board and support the Constitution or all 535 must go.    

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