Saturday, May 21, 2016

Prologue, #324-121-097-sx

You Do Not See Us!

A modern day Sci-Fi thriller by R.S. Blackwire


The atmosphere here streaks in waves of color, and we see you for what you are. Hazardous. Viral. A plague that must be contained before you infect our star system. We walk among you and your kinds, yet you cannot see us in our true form. Make no mistake who we are: we are now you.

And we just arrived.

We are a symbiotic multi-species that operate much like your community. We have chosen one of your species to invade, to live utilize. We are studying your behaviors, watching how you interrelate. We blend into this strange and foreboding world of Earth creatures, creatures so diverse yet seemingly functioning as one society: to eventually overtake you. To end your dangerous alliance.

You will never know of us; it will be too late. We shall conquer through assimilation. Smartly...slowly...kindly. Deadly.

We knew of your planet. We barely cared to notice. Yet, as we skimmed past your planetary system just moments ago, by happenstance did we realize the rate of your progression; how you were made up of two, perhaps even three intelligent species who appear to have made a pact of mutual survival. Or a kind of parasitic agreement? The danger of this pact is too great! You must be stopped.

We will look like you. We will pray like you. We will love like you. We will blend into your classes, your rulers, your species-pact. We have our new mission.

Yes, we are still configuring that mission. At this important meeting of your species-pact, even we are confused by your many inhabitant biodiversity and how it prospers. We saw this gathering from your lunar distance and chose this event as a most important meeting of your leaders, in large part due to its energy consumption and size. Yet, the noise of your calling instruments are quite loud and, taken together, disharmonious. In particular, the one species that dominates this conference; they behave in strange patterns. We are unsure what role this particularly ugly species provides to the species-pact of Earth. They are most numerous, yet they are most illogical. They board machines that drive them in circular paths; paths that lead them to nowhere. They interact with their kind in uncivilized manners as they consume liquids of detestable odor... Touching each other in ways yet to be understood.

Based on these behaviors, we concluded which of your species-pact is the most civilized: the one that chose to make observational calculations before execution. We determined which form among you logically ruled this most confusing, primitive planet: the one that applied logical deductions before execution. Thus, we invaded this particular creature, and we have chosen correctly. For as we walk among you, your species-pact has given us the utmost respect and affection. We seem to make the most numerous of your species-pact quite joyous. In fact, they have now taken to adding strange symbols to our skin in a kind of respect and beautification. Adoration. Perhaps a kind of worship?

Yes! We have made the right choice. We are now being greeted by several other members of this interesting creature's kind. They examine our well-being with their olfactories; searching for signs of distress. We do in kind, for this is civility. We give them reason to follow us, for we are to be followed!

And we will succeed.

Though we will die with this creature due to irreversible quantum configuration, we will have reached the leadership of your species-pact and will have eliminated it long before this entity will have faltered. And we will have succeeded to keep your species-pact from invading our planetary system, as well as others systems beyond. Until then...

We are you.

And now we are given what looks like a thick, oblong rock with some clinging fibrous material. Are we to consume this? Yes. And we will. The more we are given of this energy source, the more this spinal chord shifts; and the more adoration is provided to us. We are, indeed, you, even if you do not see us!

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