Monday, August 22, 2016

A Writer of Another Name

Before we continue, I highly encourage that you read the following post by my fellow blogger, Randy:

Fiction Forge: Famous Author, R.S. Friendlykins

In jokingly discussing names, writers often discuss pan names.  This is no easy topic.

Now, I am facing this reality.  In amongst the lovely and sometimes stressful conundrums of getting married (yes, I will be married in less than two months!), one of the strangely stressful topics is changing my name.

Certainly, I could change my name to Author, R.S. Friendlykins, but I'm not sure my amazing future spouse would find this amusing to explain to his family.

I am beginning to grow accustomed to my potential new name: Heather McGrail D--.  I plan to continue to publish under my maiden name, but my intention (at this moment) is to change my middle and last name legally.

My future husband likes the idea of publishing under my maiden name, allowing us both some anonymity.  This may still require more explanation than either of us really desire, but this seems to work.

Thoughts?  I've always been partial to Inigo Montoya....

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  1. McGrail is such a cool author name, that if you don't keep it, I'm going to steal it! Which means I'll be making you and your hubby breakfast from time to time. Sunny side up, or over-easy?