Thursday, March 30, 2017


  You betrayed us. This wasn't the first time either. You lied to us and betrayed us and blamed others. You pretended to be my friend and then spit on my face. You have been spitting on all our faces for years and we are all so apathetic we don't care or see it.
   Friends would stand up for me against my enemies and protect me if they have the will and the power. You have the power but not the will. You also have no credibility. Who are you? You are the Congress of the United States of America.
   I'm tired of the lies told by both sides. I'm tired of seven years of waiting to fix a failed health care law. I was told it would be cheaper. That was a lie. I was told I would be able to keep my doctor. That was a lie. Almost the entire time Obamacare has been around, Lana and I have had to pay out of pocket for our personal doctor if we want to see him.
   As for cheaper? Part of the reason there is so much apathy in this country is because so many don't have to pay a large part of their own health insurance themselves. Most are covered at work and pay no cost at all or very little. I speak to many people who complain that over the past few years their contribution has increased significantly, to maybe $150 a month or so, when they were paying half of that before. I've been self-employed since 1994. Let me tell you about health insurance. You pay attention to politics when you pay for your own insurance. Ever since its inception, Obamcare has risen each year many times faster than inflation. Lana and I were paying at the beginning around $600 a month, then it went nuts. It reached a peak of $1,600 a month and we started playing with deductibles to get the monthly costs to hover at the same price. And that price didn't include our prescriptions either. Lana is now retired and on Medicare and my insurance is $731 a month with $3,100 a year deductible, plus my medications.
   Why do you think there are millions of people out there working less than 40 hours a week? Everyone forgets about that. The news people never report about that. The true employment numbers are way out of whack. Millions in this country are working two jobs because employers can't afford to pay for insurance. The news people are quick to tell you about the millions who signed up for Obamacare, but they don't tell you about the millions who have since dropped it because they cant afford it. It is cheaper for them to take the penalty than it is to have the insurance. I hate liars.
   This brings me back to the biggest liars...Congress. Seven years. We have had this insurance, this law for seven years and both sides have known for at least five years it needed fixed. No one did anything except yell at the other side and blame each other. Everyone waited for a new President to come in to fix it. Why? It takes Congress to pass laws. They didn't have a plan at all and couldn't agree on one when it came down to game-time. Now they look like who they really are...fools.
   They are back to doing what they do, blaming each other. Well, the Democrats invented Obamacare and they knew it had flaws all this time too. They could have suggested fixes to this anytime during these last five years just as easily as the Republicans. Both sides suck. Both sides are liars and are more worried about the special interests who supply money to getting them re-elected than they are about what is right.
   My question is this, will you, the people remember this next year when we re-elect Congress? I am betting we will not. We worry more about the Kardashians than we do about our pockets. We care more about who will make the NBA finals or who will make the playoffs of the NFL than what Congress will do with our taxes or how big our deficit is.
   The most important election in this country is not the one in the fall. NOPE. The most important one, the one with most power is the primaries. It is that election where we have the power to throw out the incumbents. If there were a big enough movement in this country, we could literally flip the entire House and a third of the Senate next year. Do you think that would make someone pay attention? We could do that with less apathy and through a movement.
   Congress needs to be fired!

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