Monday, August 14, 2017

Late Summer Hope/Early Autumn Blues

When People Move On

Some folk never question why it is they stick around
They’ll work hard to make a good thing last
Stay off the streets that bleed a town…

Some folk know a better life comes with a little faith
Where foundations make a house a home
…Not some temporary place.

Some folk spill their love in yellowed notebook poetry
They turn graphite into colored words
And sweet endless melodies… Endless melodies.

But some folk leave no matter what their pretty words have said
While the ones who tried to love them
Were making plans beyond the bed… Beyond the bed.

Wild phlox, eternal grit road
Where have all your Indians gone?
Something drove them away from here
Left behind them a trail of tears
Thinking they’re not ever coming home…

Some folk wile a summer day into an autumn night
And leave the sun setting on a crumbling porch
Without a kiss goodbye…

Some folk stir the storms in someone’s weak and troubled mind
Not by all those things they took away

But what they left behind… What they left behind.

Late Summer

In the late Summer dawning
flies still fly, dawdle mid-air
robin pair hunts, poke the clay bare
morning reveals, you linger there.
In the late Summer morning
trees bare hard fruit, apples hang mid-air
cardinal pair warns, their nest long bare
Tenth hour showing, you linger there.
In the late Summer noon
Resurrected lilies bloom, hang pink mid-air
Finch pair swarms, nettle the thistle bare
Noonday revival, you linger there.
In the late Summer dusk
Fireflies still fly, dawdle mid-air
Blue jay pair chase, the owl talons bare
Nightfall rests, you linger there.

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