Sunday, October 15, 2017

Verbs: Passive Gets Complicated



So, the basic make up the verb looks like this:  to be + past participle.

Now, let’s make it more complicated.  Lots more complicated.

Passive (be + participle) progressive (be + present participle [ing]) => be + being + participle
I am cooking dinner. => Dinner is being made (by me).
Dad was fixing the car. => The car was being fixed (by dad).

Perfect (have + participle) passive (be + participle) => have + been (participle form of be) + past participle
Julie has finished dinner. => Dinner has been finished (by Julie).
I had finished the book. => The book had been finished (by me).

Perfect progressive passive (very rare) =>
The students have been studying Chinese. => Chinese has been being studied (by the students).
The IRS has been auditing our records for two months. => Our records have been being audited for two months (by the IRS).

Couple of other complications:
Passive with "get" instead of "be":
My car got (was) fixed by my neighbor.
My cat got (was) killed by my neighbor (hmm).

How complicated can you make passive verbs?  Any cool examples?

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  1. Orange is embarrassing the world. The world is being embarrassed by Orange. Gee, no matter how it's said, I get equally angry! :0)