Sunday, December 24, 2017

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and Happy New Writing!

Every year, my writing friends and I always seem to rededicate our lives to writing more.  This new year is no different.

With this new year, I hope to find completed projects, new inspirations, and new challenges.  I wish the same for you as well.

In that spirit, I would like to give you a writing prompt from The Writer's Idea Book by Jack Heffron.
Celebrate your creative self, the writer inside you. Write about how writing is an important part of your life.  Write about the pleasure it brings.  Write about your gratitude in possessing such a gift.  Shakespeare once wrote the following:
This is a gift I have, simple, simple; a foolish extravagant spirit, full of forms, figures, shapes, objects, ideas, apprehensions, motions, revolutions....  But the gift is good in those in whom it is not acute, and I am thankful for it. (8)

At the end of this amazing year, happy writing and many blessings!

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  1. Heather, Mike, and Nick -- and to you all Forgers who love the art of creating story: Let's make this new year of 2018 a most substantial year in our art! I never have doubted your talents, and the creativity as well as our work ethic are evident throughout our posts here on Fiction Forge Indy. Happiest New Year to all!