Sunday, April 29, 2018

The 500 Blogs of Forgers!

Happy Aniversary, Forgers!

Since Randy didn't say anything about our 500th blog, I'm going to.

Welcome to EPISODE 502!

We here at Fiction Forge Indy have changed over the years.  In the beginning, five of us started writing.  We made big plans to market each other on the blog.  We would self-publish our work and use the blog as a platform to get our books out "there." 

Over time, this has changed--at least for me.

The self-publishing world has become less appealing to me because of the amount of material and the amount of not-good material in self-publishing.  This feels more like a bottomless pit of toxic greenish goo--if you throw your crap in, it becomes worse with all the other crap around it.  I no longer find much hope in throwing my hard work into the slimy, buttomless pit.
And of course, I have had times in which writing is difficult (I am not the only Forger, I believe to have experienced this)--either because of time or discouragement or whatever.  This blog has been the regular discipline in writing to sit down and do something.  Brief.  To the point.  It's a stretch for me sometimes.

Now, my goals with Fiction Forge are more communal. We meet as a group to encourage each other.  We write on the blog to share our ideas.  We still talk about starting a podcast and posting random videos of our conversations about writing and the blog. 

When we meet, we almost always say we should record them and post them on the blog.  The conversations go in strange directions and end in laughter.  Randy will get carried away and laugh like a leprechaun.  Mike, after he's forgotten about work (and maybe finished a beer), doubles over when he laughs.  Nick laughs too, when he forgets that he thinks he's still an outsider.

And that's what we do.  We talk about writing and ideas until we laugh and work our stomach muscles a bit. 

We will continue to keep this blog going to encourage each other to write.  And maybe encourage a few others.

Happy 500 blogs my friends!

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  1. Missing: A picture of Heather! Imagine Mary Poppins without Mary, or Victor/Victoria without either!

    Girl, come on now.

    Yes! HAPPY 500th Blog Posts, Dear Forgers all across the world! May our stories not get caught in Goo, and may our communal blog not spread strange rashes!