Sunday, July 4, 2021

Happy Dance for a Weary World

It's been a long and frightful road to here hasn't it, my friends? Such a crooked and snarled path we have had to tread these past two years and more.  

"India Reports New Record Death Toll as Indian G7 Delegation Self-Isolates in London"

Grasping roots and seemingly impassible bramble thickets set in our way at almost every turn such that there little else to do save to brave the thorns and move forward. 

"Anti-Asian Hate Crimes Reported in NY, SF as New Study Shows Surge in Crimes Against AAPI People"

Now, here we stand, bloody and scarred at what we hope to be the end of this the trial of our generation. 

"Chauvin Lawyer Files Motion for New Trial as AG Seeks Harsher Sentence for Murder of George Floyd"

But the end seems elusive...ever moving just out of grasp. 

"Community Demands Answers After Black LGBTQ Teenager Mikayla Miller Found Dead in April"

Doom scrolling through any news feed will leave you to fall to the path and cover your head against the encroaching wilds.

"“New Normal” for U.S. Climate Is Hotter and Wetter, According to New NOAA Data"

And yet...

As I flick through the incessant rain of news and stories pretending to be news, a small thing appeared on my screen. At first, I thought little of it. It was just a man in the Yukon with another vlog to peddle. It seemed of little relevance against the backdrop of such serious and weighty matters bracketed the little video. 

But then, he appeared again. A different video this time, but still just of him. It was just that. A video of this the frozen Yukon. 

This time I watched.  His name is Gurdeep Pandher and he dances the Bhangra on the shares of Lake Laberge. 

I remember smiling as this 6'+ trunk of a man gamboled on the frozen lake.    

It turns out the Bhangra is a Punjabi dance of joy and positivity.

So here, in the middle of the dross and dregs of my news feed is this Indian man dancing his happy dance at the top of the world.

Other videos followed. Videos with him dancing with other people from the region. First Nation peoples dancing their traditional dances along with him. Irish dances high stepping in time with the swing and sway of his choreography. Bagpipers, even, bleating out a traditional tune as Gurdeep danced his dance of joy.

The videos were more than just a bit of entertainment. There was a purity to it that quieted something in me. 

A purity of joy that allowed me to pause my doom scrolling and look beyond the existential dread.

Maybe...just is about a little bit more.


  1. Dance for joy, yes! And bring this to an end—with us all stronger and braver on the other side!