Thursday, November 26, 2015

Izzy, Part 2

Well, Happy Thanksgiving!! I can’t believe it’s here already again. It seems like as I get older, the calendar, turns faster. I’m not sure if it is true or maybe it has to do with the fact as my age increases my memory decreases and therefore time becomes some kind of dimension that I am unfamiliar with. A week becomes a day, that sort of thing. As I work now, Wednesdays now are not the famous “hump day” of yesterday any longer. Each day goes so fast that, before I know it, it is Friday, and there never was a “hump day”. I sort of rode a hump all week, like a surfer on a wave, trying to stay on the crest.

Time is fascinating to me. I know there is the same amount now than there ever was, but it goes faster. I have fewer responsibilities now than I used to. It is just Lana and I.  The kids are grown. The business is doing well. The memoir is at an editor now. I just don’t have the responsibilities that I used to, but time flies faster now. Why is that? I’m more content now. Is that part of it? Who knows? One of these days I may write more on this, but I have other things to say.

Yep, sorry, but on this Thanksgiving day, I have a Rat With Fur update. Lana gave up on the play-yard. You know, if I weren’t living here and were just a spectator, this would be hilarious. It still is some days. Somehow, the Rat found a way to climb over the plex-i-glass and get out. She wouldn’t cry at all. Nope. She would just be laying at the foot of Lana’s recliner when I came out each morning.

So, the play-yard is gone. Here is the behind-the-scenes thing that complicates everything. Lana and I are going on another cruise the end of January. The Rat is supposed to stay with our daughter and son-in-law, and their two kids, who live just a few minutes away. This should go well, don’t you think?

Izzy is now spoiled by sleeping with us. She will wake up at about 2 a.m. to go to the bathroom, which is great and then back to bed until I get up. I then make sure she goes and throw her back in bed with Lana and leave for work. This is not going to help our daughter Alison one bit.

The answer? Lana read about conditioning her to a cage slowly each day, a few minutes at a time. She put it in the dining room. She goes in there and chews on the mattress and pees on it. Yeah, going well. It would be like me going in and whizzing all over my new bed, then saying to Lana, “Yeah honey, love the choice. Let’s go on the cruise.”

As a matter of fact, let’s talk about the pee pad and how that is going. I think we have 3 of those around the house, mainly the dining room and living room, and, oh yeah, the main bathroom. I have to admit she is getting better, but about half the time, it is like, “Screw you, I think I’ll just go on the carpet because I feel like it or because I can.”

This all got me to thinking. Thinking for me is a bad thing. Thinking around a holiday is a worse thing. Guys, listen up. Today is not only a big holiday, but it is a HUGE football day. Nine hours of football, just today. Just think, more football this weekend! Big college games that will determine possible playoff teams. Then Sunday, more pro games. What am I getting at?

There will be a lot of men together, eating and drinking, in front of televisions, for hours at a time. The women usually don’t want any part of this. Just guys around. Important games. Important plays. You can’t miss any of it. Yes, you might have a DVR, but being there for the live thing is better. What do you need? I have what you need.

The Man-Pad. Yep. Just drop two of three of them around or behind the couch and when the time hits you, don’t miss a thing. Just go and watch while you go. You bet. The Krulik Man-Pad will save you time, trouble, and most of all, missed plays. But PLEASE, be courteous to your fellow guests and JUST whiz. Go online and order three or four today!!!

I seriously wish a great Thanksgiving to you all out there. I hope it is safe and happy for everyone. Please think of all we have and be grateful to the man upstairs for providing what we are given each day. I thank each of you for reading these posts. You give me joy when you do. God bless you and your families.

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