Friday, November 20, 2015


“Somehow, we exist…!”

Ignore him. Where did I put my car key? I hate this place. Hate this day. I could’ve killed Caitlin for suggesting–

“Like an implosion of energy that collapses into matter, measured by a space you call time. I can help you understand your world, young woman.”

Rum. Sour stench. Some Lucretius! You’re as useless to me as that freaking No Parking sign. Loon. Just another loon.

“In another dimension –the 10th face of the crystalline fractal our worlds share. I am your neighbor, sharing your gravity, of sorts.”

Don’t you have a cot somewhere to die in? Goddamn parking. Why do we always have to meet on Mass Ave? Why never the burbs? Or Broad Ripple? Caitlin always gets her–

“I was a good physicist there.”

Shut the hell up.

I was highly respected among my original reality.”

Ha. You don’t say.

“I proved a hypothesis on the differentiation of fractal energy. Planes are independent, but they are two-dimensional. That is very important. Very important! I proved a very specific hypothesis and presented the key to unlock the mysteries of all of our existence.”

Huh. That the great, big flashbulb dangling in your head has burned out and needs replaced? Oh, thank God someone’s coming! Let’s pass the torch. Your turn!

“I know things there. I know more things here.”

Schizoid. Or fried. “Ow! No, no; sorry. It’s my fault. Really; I’m fine.” Ass! Didn’t you see me coming? Swinging that umbrella like it’s a baton.

“Infinite divergent paths; yet each fractal plane touches the other, bends the other, flattens and shapes the other. Still -- we are still only two-dimensions, even if we bend!”

Such a sick world, anymore. Insanity rules the night. She did this on purpose! She knows you hate the city.

“Strange to me to discover that what you call radiation; your light is the simplest fractal in your dimension.”

God! Are you still following me?

“But, did you know radiation is the most complex infinitesimal in my dimension?”

Where’s my cell…

“This is the basis – you need not pick up your pace, young woman. I only wish to share with you the proof to my Fractal Energy hypothesis.”

 Gee. LSD much during your Revolution, Professor?

“I proved that you exist, Ms. Taurus.”

Taurus? Don’t even look at him. Just cross the street. If this damn street ever gives me a chance…wait. That’s not it. New York Street?  Just ask…someone…

“They did not want you to exist. Wished only to shut me up. So, they sent me here, through my fractal-bending portal. I exploded into 1021 trillionth of a trillionth fractals, and crystallized here in your world.”

Huh. What a coincidence. That's how I got here.

“Excuse me. Hi. Do you know where Eighty-Eight Spuds is located? Oh. Yes; Spud’s Eighty-Eighty Taps. Really? It’s on this side? Google must have flipped it on me. Thanks so much!” Ughhh! Why me! And she smells like charcoal. What the hell are these kids smoking these days?

“All matter is is a system of independent fractals. All of the natural world; all of the quantum. Quantum, in fact–

“Excuse me, sir. Please stop following me.” Why did you speak to him? You know better than that!

“You seem to be in quite a hurry for someone who’s dead.”

“What the hell did you just say to me? Excuse me, but I’m one second away from calling the police.”

"No more of them. Please. They are quite rude.”

“Okay, well, just… Go away from me. Leave me alone.” And don’t look at me like that. You’re the one who–

“But, you are alone.”


“And, it is true. You are dead. Aren’t you aware?”

“What are you talking about, you…weirdo! I said, leave me alone or I’m calling the police.” A good kick in the groin, if you get any closer.

“I only want to help you understand who you are.”

“Look. If you are still harassing me by the time I make it to that Starbuck’s, I’ll scream my head–“

“I have only one thing to say to you, my dear. It is very important that you know this single fact. I only wish to share it with you, if you will?”

FREAKIN... “What, then? What? Just say what you want to say! And your final warning: One press of this button, and 9-1-1 is notified.”

"It is simple. So simple. Fractal scales are independent of each other, you must understand, yet you and I share the same two-dimensional plane. We are not independent, you see? We are two faces of the same fractal plane. I discovered you here. Our realities are intertwined, and forever. In fact, my reality exists only because of your reality; and vice versa. Life is mathematics. So, too, is Death.”

“Fine. So, even when I die, I’ll have to struggle through Calculus again? Just can’t get away from it, can I? Go back to your No Parking sign, Einstein.”

“My dear. You are not listening. In this reality, you are dead. You are only alive in my reality."

"Leave. Me."

"You are only alive in my dimension.”


“But you are alone."

"I'm calling."

"Before you do, I have something for you. Here, Ms. Taurus. You dropped your key by my sign. See? Here you go. You may have it back.” Yes. Take your key, young Lady. And pretend that you are alive. You have a few screws loose in that pretty head of yours. 1021 trillionth of a trillionth fractals, and I have to condense near this loon!

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