Sunday, November 13, 2016

More Phonics With the Smooth, Ripply Liquids

Liquids--L and R.  These are two great letters--something is very slinky and smooth about liquids, like honey and whiskey.

I was in Savannah recently.  The first night I was there, I went on a haunted pub crawl, and for anyone who knows me, I don't much believe in ghosts, but I do love to see cool places and hear strange stories.

One of the strange quirks about Savannah that I learned that first night is that you order your drinks to go.

This is what our tour guide told us.  "Get your drinks to go, and we'll start our tour outside."  That first night I ordered a beer, but the second night, I ordered a hot toddy.  A hot toddy is whiskey and honey and lemon with hot water, and I was coming down with something.  Hot toddies pretty much make you feel better.  No matter what.

Smooth and liquidating.  This is a little like Savannah.

Hot toddies and good stories and amazing old buildings.  One of the most intriguing points to the architecture in Savannah is in the doorways: the complex molded doorways are often in corners, curved delicately with the molding and frame to shape the corner.  It's strange and beautiful.  Not to mention the graceful Spanish moss that drips off the trees.  And how every other block seems to be a park or a cemetery.

The cobblestone streets near the river? Paved with ballast stones from Europe.  The horrible slave tunnels under the city?  Some have been bricked up to prevent vagrancy, but the ones on private property are apparently still around.

And the Pink House with the amazing food and stunning architecture?  You wonder why it is pink?

If I could fill one city with a few more liquids, I would.  Perhaps I would call it Rallarah.

Hum.  I might have something going.  Maybe not.  I like Savannah better.

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