Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Plot Flaws: Break the Rules.

So, I've talked about a bunch of plot flaws, and in the end, they are really more like tools for the proverbial toolbox.

When the professionals (no, I'm not putting myself in this camp) use them well, we sit back and enjoy the clever manipulation. It's a beautiful discovery how they use the tools and break them.

What I find so interesting is something I discover and rediscover in writing: all the good writers break the rules. And when they do it well, we enjoy it.

How do we do it?

I think the only way we can learn how to break the rules is to learn the rules. Love the rules. Study the rules.

And then break them. Not all at once in one swoop, but one at a time, finding the balance between the expected and the unexpected, the novel and the formula.

So I'm going to end this series on plots!

Break rules like not using no exclamation marks!!!

I'm practicing breaking rules!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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