Monday, August 8, 2016

Revision III: The Long and Arduous Journey

Funny thing about revision is the misperceptions.  Even if we deny them, most of us writers have felt these lies.

Acknowledge these lies about revision:

1. The most genius, talented writers don't revise.  They create masterpieces on their first try.

2.  When I revise, I must admit that I write crap.  Everything that I write is crap (or at least that is how it feels).

3.  If I really have to revise my work tremendously, then I'm not a good writer.

These are lies and are somehow ingrained in us as writers, and as a result, make us defensive.  We see the imperfections in our own work, and we (I) hate to see how much work I put into my work to make it palatable to myself.  And then, in the end, I'm never satisfied, it is like finding a point in which I just give up.  Not that I'm satisfied or happy, but I just say, "I'm done."

As we struggle with our work and our stories, we make our work better.  The more we revise, the more we struggle with our work, we become better artists and writers.

This is the truth of revision.  Only in the struggle do we give birth to amazing stories, the stories that are a part of our own struggle as writers.

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